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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

"I always get what I aim for And your heart and soul is what I came for."

- Damn Yankees

The timeless song, "Whatever Lola Wants" from the 1955 musical Damn Yankees is an anthem many women secretly hum when they get ready before work or a night out on the town.

That's the truth.

Fashionably manifesting your own destiny is done through self-affirmation and meditation. Write down what you want, read aloud what you want, and proclaim aloud what you want everyday... multiple times each day.

Each night before bed, I meditate and seek love - love for myself, others and for love in my actions. When my alarm wakes me in the morning, my meditation focuses on seeking motivation, wealth and success.

We've all made plans, but how many of us have actually taken specific action? You can believe that your destiny awaits and you can have faith; but faith without works is dead. In other words, after identifying what you want - but you don't know yet how to start - write your plan backwards.


What is the last action to take to achieve your goal?

What is the action that will pave way to the last action?

With whom do I need to connect to get to the next stepping stones?

And so on...

Everything (well, almost everything) that I know how to do is self-learned. That even includes my professional career as a publicist, from which bloomed loyal relationships, priceless moments and the power to say, "no." Exactly how did I learn the game of public relations? I learned the game backwards.

Speaking of formulating ways to get what I want (or, rather, to achieve my goals), I do admit that I sport alluring colors when I do business. Rome, one of my favorite cities which I visited, seduced me with brightly colored doors, thousand-year-old architecture, along with green, yellow and red food. The capital of Italy flaunts its beauty that allures all of one's senses. The sounds, shapes and aggressively beautiful colors of Rome sent me back home with a heightened, sass-injected confidence that allowed me to be more open-minded, think differently and listen to others more mindfully.

Red, blue, green, orange, yellow - stay sassy and rock it all.

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From wind to sunshine - at lunch or after work - the perfect fusion of style and comfort is attained through layers. Contrast colors, like maroon and aquamarine hues of blues, to go from day to night. Accessories - scarves, wrist bling and sunglasses - fashionably guide every woman through unpredictable weather and inevitable happy hours.

And the perfect arm candy need not be a dapper gentleman, as an oversized handbag will do the job of polishing the casual look of elevated sneakers while carrying cool weather accessories... including your journal loaded with entrepreneurial spirit and plans of action for reaching career milestones.

Just remember: self-confidence is the quintessential and most fashionable accessory to take with you everyday.

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Working with people who take social leadership to the next level is the cool thing to do. I recently joined Filmanthropic - founded by Jordan Roberts and Wolfgang Puck brand co-founder Barbara Lazaroff - a production company that creates socially conscious mainstream movies and television programming while generating increased awareness and funds for their causes. Jordan, Barbara and I teamed up with Sam Trammell, Nick Krause, Ryan Lee, sports agent Leigh Steinberg and TV's young leading talent in using film to get people talking more about what really matters. We made some noise with the "White Rabbit" Los Angeles Premiere - A Bullying Prevention Initiative, which benefited Variety - the Children's Charity and PeaceNow.com.

Being involved with the "White Rabbit" Los Angeles premiere paved the way for me to meet and collaborate with fabulous digital leaders. I highly recommend working with 411 Voices, a team of social media experts specific to their individual niches - they tweet, blog, like, post and really know how to implement a marketing strategy in our digital world. Due to their online influence, genuine support of bullying prevention and social media expertise, 411 Voices team members helped #WhiteRabbitFilm reach more than 14 million views on Twitter!

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