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3 Public Relations Objectives for New Businesses

As a public relations (PR) professional with experience in varying industries - entertainment, sports, hospitality, lifestyle - I emphasize to new businesses the significance of a public relations strategy for entering their respective markets and making a mark.

When launching a business, focus on three objectives to help you and your business start off on the right foot so people understand who you are and what you do.

1. Generate Awareness and Visibility

New businesses face the challenge of generating awareness and visibility for their brand and products. Through social media activity, media relations, or just having simple conversation with new friends at a coffee shop, new business owners can generate awareness and visibility for their brand and products. Simple communication methods increase their reach and attract new customers, while also building brand recognition and loyalty over time.

In order to attract customers and build a loyal following, businesses need to get their message in front of as many people as possible while providing an incentive to them for engaging.

2. Establish Credibility and Build Trust

While introducing your businesses to the public eye, establish credibility and build trust with your target audience. Building a relationship of trust with your audience is paramount, especially if you operate in the ever-evolving tech and consumer goods industries, where new players continuously enter the market.

Building trust requires more than scheduled social media posts and email campaigns. Who is behind the brand? Humans connect with humans, not intangible entities. If you are a seasoned professional in your industry, nurture your thought leadership presence and maintain verifiable expertise in your industry. By positioning yourself as an authority in your professional field, you're able to build trust with target audiences and establish your business as a reputable player in the market.

3. Manage Reputation and Mitigate Risk

New businesses must be mindful of the potential risks and challenges that can arise as they grow and evolve. Any business is susceptible to unexpected damage: negative reviews, cybersecurity threats, bear markets, competitor callouts on social media. In the midst of undesired noise, maintain authority and immediately communicate with your network what your business is doing to weather through any storm.

By developing a crisis communication plan and proactively monitoring for potentially unsafe situations, businesses can better prepare themselves to navigate potential threats and protect their brand reputation over the long term.

But How?

During the early stages of building your business, get your name out there, build trust with the public, and nurture each connection and relationship while protecting your reputation. The tough part is figuring out how to actually manage this. In other blog articles, I explain specific methods on:

  • building and growing a community

  • nurturing brand credibility and trust

  • managing reputation


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