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Film + Social Influence + Social Good = The New Hollywood

Working with people who take social leadership to the next level is the cool thing to do. I recently joined Filmanthropic - founded by Jordan Roberts and Wolfgang Puck brand co-founder Barbara Lazaroff - a production company that creates socially conscious mainstream movies and television programming while generating increased awareness and funds for their causes. Jordan, Barbara and I teamed up with Sam Trammell, Nick Krause, Ryan Lee, sports agent Leigh Steinberg and TV's young leading talent in using film to get people talking more about what really matters. We made some noise with the "White Rabbit" Los Angeles Premiere - A Bullying Prevention Initiative, which benefited Variety - the Children's Charity and

Being involved with the "White Rabbit" Los Angeles premiere paved the way for me to meet and collaborate with fabulous digital leaders. I highly recommend working with 411 Voices, a team of social media experts specific to their individual niches - they tweet, blog, like, post and really know how to implement a marketing strategy in our digital world. Due to their online influence, genuine support of bullying prevention and social media expertise, 411 Voices team members helped #WhiteRabbitFilm reach more than 14 million views on Twitter!

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