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[VIDEO] Use Community Forums to Bring Neighbors and Ideas Together

I'm proud to be involved with Pershing Square Renew and the transformation of Downtown LA. Currently, I provide community relations and social media input to the Special Task Force Committee of Pershing Square Renew, Inc., a non-profit project of MacFarlane Partners and initiative by Councilman Jose Huizar to ensure that Pershing Square is an authentic reflection of Downtown LA's thriving renaissance by creating a world-class public space for those who live, work, visit and love DTLA.

But it isn't always about the in-your-face marketing or press placements to gain community support, or merely awareness, of a development project. The best way to get exposure for a brand, community project, or socially impactful initiative is to get everyone around it talking about it. A community forum brings individuals together for a sense of unity and provides them with a safe space for conversation, sharing ideas and even learning about opposing perspectives. Most importantly, a community forum allows the leadership team behind an initiative to understand the voice of the people, further allowing the leadership team to control its own message before immersing the initiative into the community.

Engage. And go viral.

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