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Trifecta Cooks Takes Angelenos on a Six-Stop Japanese Journey

Dining in great company is one of the greatest gifts of all. We take a lot of things for granted; but to laugh with friends and make memories with loved ones while filling our stomachs with fine foods is a grand privilege.

Trifecta Cooks of San José, Calif., graced Los Angeles with its soulful small dish dinner at the Feastly LA loft. Cooking to background sounds by Pat Manaloto aka DJ Flow-Key in a bring-your-own-beverages setting, chefs Lai Chao, Ryan Gallego and Jason Artajos - Bay Area gentleman who comprise the award-winning Trifecta Cooks - served aesthetically delightful and delectable Japanese cuisine.

Six perfectly spaced servings dominated guests' tastebuds:

1. Kani Salad (snow crab, fermented green tea leaf mayo, tempura flakes, seasonal veggies)

2. Octopus Croquette (sous-vide octopus, béchamel batter, okonomiyaki sauce, spicy mayo, scallions)

3. Nigiri Set (umi masu - ocean trout, hirame - halibut, sawara - king mackerel)

4. Tuna Tataki (aged yellowfin, ponzu, crispy onion, old bay, shiso oil, chili curls)

5. Kakuni Shortrib (kakuni gaze, gobo nest, soft boil quail egg, fermented mustard green, sous-vide bacon)

6. Black Sesame Ice Cream (nutter butter crumble, miso caramel and yuzu-raspberry jam)

Trifecta Cooks has mastered the practice of fusing family soul, edible art and hospitable warmth to create dining intimacy that allows friends - old and new - to connect during an in-town cultural experience.

"From the knife cuts, sourced ingredients and plating, all the dishes we create are prepared with passion and love," expressed Gallego. "Cooking for family, friends and new acquaintances is really special to us. We share with them what we love to do."

The major details: Trifecta Cooks' artistry is mindful of guests and their needs. The chefs discovered on the spot that the founder of non-profit organization Marnina Ahava Foundation, Inc., Mary Beth Sales, had serious allergies to crab.

"The dish I created for Mary Beth Sales was hot oil-seared scallops with a yuzu truffle vinaigrette and mixed greens with a citrus dressing," Gallego described. "We want to impress guests while we accommodate them."

Champions of the Eastridge Taste for Space competition in May 2017, Trifecta Cooks is slated to open its first brick-and-mortar at San José's Eastridge Shopping Center. Follow the collective trio on all platforms @TrifectaCooks.

Photos: Margy

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