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Why I'm Here: It's Cool to Help

Hey there. My name is Mary Beth.

(And that's my dog, Busby.)

I’m a St. Louis native living, working and life-ing in Los Angeles, California. Although my expertise is in public relations in entertainment and sports, I dedicate my time, heart and energy to mentoring. Specifically, I love helping teens and young adults - the ones who desire help - get where they want to be in their life and careers... or simply identify what they love to do the most.

Most importantly, I help the burgeoning leaders of the world lead their own lives and transform passion-based skills and talent into mastery, as well as teach them to do the same for the next generation of ambitious young bucks. My musings focus on personal growth, character development, career building based upon passion, lifestyle and having a healthy social life.

Above all, I hope I inspire you to learn, challenge yourself academically or professionally, as well as help you find your passion so you can run with it. Feel free to ask questions in any of my blog posts and follow me on social media!

Facebook: MaryBethSales

Instagram: @marybethsales




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